Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The ITIL V3 Exam and Prometric

It happened again. Today at ITIL Prime we received another email from a user confused about which ITIL exam was being offered by Prometric. We had to politely remind them that, as of right now, Prometric still offers the ITIL V2 exam only. How is it that the ITIL V3 Exam was developed months ago, yet the largest administrator of computer based testing does not yet have it available? Well, its not really Prometric's fault.

Getting the ITIL V3 exam on monitors and in front of test takers really isn't the responsibility of the big P. Rather, organizations like EXIN and ISEB need to get on the ball and offer the ITIL V3 exam for use by the testing centers. The question really becomes: Why is it that the EXIN and ISEB ITIL V3 exams are only available via a course proctor? It seems like its time for these two organizations, along with APMG (a new contributor to the ITIL V3 texts), need to get on the ball. As always, ITIL Prime is there to provide you with the ITIL practice exams necessary to beat the real test.


Mahmoud Shaban said...

then the question is.
Are ITIL V3 exams now available?
if yes then is VUE can provide this exams.
if no then how could anyone take ITIL V3 exams

Ciscoexpert said...

ITIL foundation V3 can be passed in Sylvan Prometric. Exam number is EX-101

Vidya said...

Hi, i have given my exam on July 26,2009 from site number IIH29 but haven't recieved the certificate copy yet. The candidate Id: SR5810850. Please help me to get the email id or any information on the same.