Friday, June 8, 2012

Measuring ITIL - A guide for managers

As a manager of IT services, it can be a huge pain to actually take all of the process-driven knowledge you've learned in to practical use. One of the guides we here at SSI Logic find to be invaluable, is the Measuring ITIL handbook, available at Amazon.

One of the greatest things about this guide is that it cuts through the clutter of theory and concepts, and offers the KPIs, CSFs, and other measurements you need to do your job. Use those ITIL calculations to create dashboards, reports, and tracking mechanisms. Its funny that this book is know 10+ years old, but still relevant as ever.

You also might want to check out our own ITIL book on Amazon which as a greater focus on ITIL exam prep- but valuable all the same ;)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The ITIL Foundation Kit is Here!

Over at ITIL Prime, one of the most frequent questions we've received in recent months is: "what exactly do I need to get trained and certified at the ITIL Foundation level?". It seems that all of the different courseware, ITIL classes, and ITIL exam voucher options can really get confusing to the average person. Well have no fear! Because just recently we combined all of the necessary courseware and exam items in to one handy ITIL Certification Kit!

Using this new ITIL certification kit, you'll have access to our best self-paced ITIL course, our industry recognized ITIL practice exam system, and you will have an exam voucher valid to take the ITIL exam online or in-person. The best part? This kit comes with a guarantee that you will pass the exam. And we also discounted the cost of the kit as well, so that you'll save money over buying each ITIL exam prep item separately. So swing on over to ITIL Prime and take a lookL!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Take your ITIL Intermediate Exam Online!

In our last post, we mentioned how ITIL Prime now offers ITIL Intermediate courseware in a self-paced format. Did we also mention that you can now take all 9 ITIL Intermediate exams online? Well you can!

ITIL Prime was the first to offer an easy method for students to take their ITIL Foundation exam through an online proctor, and now, through a partnership with ITIL Exam Institute CSME, we are offering online exam options for all ITIL Intermediate test takers! Woot! We should also mention that this online option applies to the ITIL MALC certification as well.

Please remember that there are pre-requisites to taking each of the ITIL Intermediate level exams, most notable is that you will need to take an accredited ITIL Intermediate course (ahem). So head on over to ITIL Prime and get exam prepping!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Online ITIL Intermediate Courses Added!

Holy cow has it been a long time since we've updated our ITIL exam blog- a shame really! We've been working hard to design, develop, and offer new ITIL classes, specifically for the ITIL Intermediate level, and low and behold they are finally available at ITIL Prime! We're now covering every ITIL Intermediate topic, including:
  • ITIL Service Strategy (SS)
  • ITIL Service Design (SD)
  • ITIL Service Transition (ST)
  • ITIL Service Operation (SO)
  • ITIL Continual Service Improvement (CSI)
  • ITIL Operational Support & Analysis (OSA)
  • ITIL Release Control & Validation (RCV)
  • ITIL Service Offerings & Agreements (SOA)
  • ITIL Planning, Protection & Optimization (PPO)
Also, we've added the capstone ITIL Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) course as well! The best part of all this is that each course can be taken completely online, at your own pace, and are fully accredited by the APM Group! No need to sit through a live class any more- everything you need is nicely packaged and ready to go.

So head on over to ITIL Prime and get certified :)