Friday, May 25, 2012

Take your ITIL Intermediate Exam Online!

In our last post, we mentioned how ITIL Prime now offers ITIL Intermediate courseware in a self-paced format. Did we also mention that you can now take all 9 ITIL Intermediate exams online? Well you can!

ITIL Prime was the first to offer an easy method for students to take their ITIL Foundation exam through an online proctor, and now, through a partnership with ITIL Exam Institute CSME, we are offering online exam options for all ITIL Intermediate test takers! Woot! We should also mention that this online option applies to the ITIL MALC certification as well.

Please remember that there are pre-requisites to taking each of the ITIL Intermediate level exams, most notable is that you will need to take an accredited ITIL Intermediate course (ahem). So head on over to ITIL Prime and get exam prepping!

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