Monday, October 1, 2007

How to Take Your ITIL Foundation Exam

We at ITIL Prime received multiple questions this weekend from users who want to know how they can register to take the real ITIL Foundation Exam. Naturally, since we offer ITIL practice exam services for both the ITIL V2 and ITIL V3 Foundation exam, we have a good idea of the best way to sit for these exams in "real life".

For those of you who have been doing self-study and measuring your performance via ITIL practice test runs, Prometric allows you to self register for the ITIL Foundation exam via their website. You will need to determine which organization's ITIL exam you'll want to take (EXIN or ISEB, among others); in addition to where you'll be taking it. You will then visit the testing center and take the ITIL exam via a monitored desktop computer.

Other folks may decide that a multi-day course is the way to go for their ITIL Foundation certificate. Some courses will offer an in-class ITIL exam with a live proctor. Those of you who take an in-person course may also opt to take the Prometric exam as well.

What about for ITIL certifications past that of the ITIL Foundation? ITIL Managers and Masters certificates are only offered by accredited course providers at the current time. Good luck, and please remember to visit us for your ITIL test prep needs!

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Memento Mori said...

To be sure I understand... you don't need classroom time for the foundation exam, correct? I was just told by a local trainer that I did need classroom time, but I didn't think that was true. Thanks! Your blog is very helpful - I appreciate all the info you share!