Thursday, May 20, 2010

Take the ITIL Foundation exam from home

You heard us correctly: you can now take the ITIL Foundation exam directly from your home computer. ITIL Prime has partnered with ITIL Examination Institute CSME to offer the real ITIL Foundation exam; online, from any computer with a webcam. Folks who register through us can also choose to take the exam from a CSME testing center (thousands exist worldwide).

In addition, we've added a new online ITIL Bootcamp course designed to quickly ramp up new students who have zero ITIL knowledge- all available online and on-demand. We include a ton of features with our new Bootcamp, which is designed for self-paced learning.

And for those who are almost ready to take the exam, ITIL Prime will continue to offer the only ITIL practice exam system formally endorsed and licensed by the ITIL accreditation body, APMG.

Visit ITIL Prime for more details.

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Reema Kapoor said...

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