Wednesday, September 26, 2007

ITIL V3 and the New ITIL Foundation Exam

The majority of questions we at ITIL Prime receive revolve around what version of ITL practice exams new users should sign up for. For the past couple of years, ITIL has been in Version 2 (V2), and there was really no need to denote its version when discussing concepts. But now that ITIL V3 has been released, along with a new ITIL Foundation Exam, it is becoming very confusing as to which ITIL exam one should prepare for.

To start with, the ITIL V3 Foundation exam is fairly new, and has not made the ITIL V2 Foundation exam obsolete (yet). We've read conflicting reports about when exactly the ITIL V2 Foundation exam will be phased out. These dates range from December 2007 to December 2008. We tend to think that the ITIL Foundation exam will be offered in both flavors (V2 and V3) well in to 2008.

In addition, the Foundation certificate earned from either exam holds just as much weight. Both ITIL Foundation certificates remain valid indefinitely, with no plans for either to become invalid. So those of you who sit for the V2 ITIL Foundation exam do not need to worry about holding a certification which is defunct after a year.

The content covered in the V2 ITIL Foundation exam focuses almost entirely on Service Support and Service Delivery, which comprise 11 processes. The ITIL V3 exam only touches on these processes, and tends to focus more on the concept of an ITIL Service Lifecycle, and its new core volumes. Needless to say, the ITIL content which is covered is significantly broader within the ITIL V3 exam, yet it is not as detailed as the processes covered in depth by the ITIL V2 exam.

Because of the differences, we've added a new "Which Exam Version is for Me?" pop-up to our registration page to help new users avoid any confusion regarding which ITIL practice tests to use. If you're still unsure which exam you're registered for (as many times the ITIL version will not be stated), here's a quick tip: If you're exam number is EX0-100 or BH0-001, then it is a safe bet that you are taking the ITIL V2 exam. As reminder, ITIL Prime has created ITIL test prep content for both versions of the exam, and offers them at the same price. Good luck!

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